Emme Ci S.r.l.
Negozio di piastrelle ceramiche a Cernusco sul Naviglio

Str. Padana Superiore 73, Cernusco sul Naviglio

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Str. Padana Superiore 73
20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio MI
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08:30 - 13:00 | 14:00 - 17:00
08:30 - 13:00 | 14:00 - 17:00
08:30 - 13:00 | 14:00 - 17:00
08:30 - 13:00 | 14:00 - 17:00

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  • Dove si trova ?
    Emme Ci S.r.l. si trova in Str. Padana Superiore 73, 20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio MI
  • Come si raggiunge ?
    Puoi raggiungere Str. Padana Superiore 73 Cernusco sul Naviglio utilizzando la mappa e le indicazioni stradali fornite da TuttoCernusco. La latitudine e longitudine del puntatore su mappa sono: 45.517149700, 9.350822700
  • Quali sono gli orari di apertura ?
    • Emme Ci S.r.l. apre di Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì, Giovedì, Venerdì alle ore 08:30
    • Chiuso di Sabato, Domenica

    Per ulteriori dettagli guarda tutti gli orari di apertura.
  • Qual è il numero di telefono ?
    Puoi contattare Emme Ci S.r.l. chiamando il numero di telefono 0236630460.
  • Che opinione hanno i clienti ?
    Emme Ci S.r.l. ha ricevuto 18 recensioni con una valutazione media di 3,9 su 5 stelle. Per saperne di più leggi le recensioni.
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Great service and great prices. Recommended

Honest, straightforward and trustworthy. I'd highly recommend using them. The product came well packaged and in good shape. I was a little nervous since I hadn't used them before and was shipping overseas. I had never met them before nor had I been to their store. I just found they were a supplier for a tile I liked. However, they seemed like a professional company and would be able to deliver the material without problems. They were quick on the front end to respond and get the order off which is very helpful. I know it takes time to order tiles in Italy and have them shipped to St. Thomas, USVI, so their diligence was appreciated. It does take a little bit of time to ship but not any longer than anything else. It took about 2 months for ours to get here from Italy. I know it has to go from a warehouse to the docks, ship to Florida and then get transferred and shipped down to the Caribbean. Considering all that, I'm very impressed that the order came exactly as it was placed and in good condition. I dealt with Lorena and she was very helpful and responsive to my communications even when she wasn't in the office. Also my compliments to everyone in between who packaged and touched those pallets. They were heavy duty pallets, the tiles were really well banded and shrink wrapped with a heavy material. Very well done. Tropical was the shipping company. I was super impressed with them as well. Also, I was a little bit intimidated to reach out to them because I didn't speak Italian. Nobody gave me a hard time at all and their English was really good. The payment process was super easy. They accept paypal which was a cinch. A good company. I'd highly recommend them even if you're buying from the states. Good value too. The Euro is a lot more favorable to the dollar and buying quality Italian tile isn't crazy expensive or complicated anymore.

Our experience was mixed with positive and less positive sides. The online shop has an amazing choice of tiles and prices and provides delivery in various locations outside Italy . Which is great and it has been our buying in point. The delivered order was correct and the tiles are of a very good quality! But.. We placed the order in advance to make sure we will get the tiles on time, considering possible lead time. At the same time before payment we have asked if the ordered products were available on stock and got the confirmation. After the payment with the bank transfer we were waiting for a week to see that the order is proceeded, but there was not status change. After contacting the shop by mail for 2 days and calling, the day after we received the message that the paid amount was less than the order amount and they returned us the money and asked to repeat the order. We checked the paid amount and it was correct and the money we received back was the exact amount of the order. OK, we liked and wanted those tiles - we placed the order again and paid with the credit card. Got a message that the payment was received and the order is in work. Then more than a week no update, no communication. After a few mails, we were informed that one of the products was not available on stock and asked if the rest could be shipped and the remained product delivered in 6 weeks. by then we needed all the tiles in two weeks, so we asked to check another color or rearrange the order as suggested. Within a couple of days all was set and with 10 more days of waiting we have received the tiles delivered. So we got what we wanted, but overall experience is mixed. if i was just waiting for the processing of the order without contacting the shop, I am not sure we would get it in time. One more moment which was a bit surprising is related to the delivery costs. I asked what is included in the delivery cost and what will be additional charges if any and the answer was: "I don`t know", which i find not very professional. Will i buy again? I can not answer now, but if I do, I will definitely do it at least 2-3 months before i need the tiles and will not wait for the answer, but contact from the beginning to make sure the order is processed.

I bought tiles from BHC shop a month ago. Even though I had to wait a bit to recieve my parcel tracking number, ordered tiles have arrived in France even before estimated deadline, all in perfect condition.Both Lorena and Gian Carlo worked hard to help me through order process and made my shopping experience easy. Will definetly order from BHC again. PS(ordering online have saved me more than 700 euros off my order comparing to price from tile shops in Italy.)

Uno spazio espositivo unico nel panorama milanese. Vastissima la scelta dei materiali, tanto da entrare con un progetto, un’idea, ed uscire con la voglia di ristrutturare altre 100 case. C’è tutto ciò che di più innovativo si possa trovare sul mercato. Ma a conquistarmi è stata anche la professionalità e la cortesia di chi guida questa bellissima realtà. Un ringraziamento particolare all’arch. Giancarlo Marelli, per la pazienza e la capacità di far sentire il cliente sempre a proprio agio, seguendolo per tutta la durata dei lavori ed anche dopo, condividendo la gioia di una nuova casa e di un risultato soddisfacente e duraturo. Bravi !

I have submitted an Order of the tiles via their e-shop ( The prices of the material are really good and the variety of many different tile producers in their e-shop is huge. I have ordered around 1.8 tons of material and paid to get it transported to Slovakia. Lorena Columbus processed my Order. I was very satisfied with the communication during the whole process of ordering and shipping. At the first point, I was a bit skeptic about paying in advance, because I have never personally visited their Showroom in Milan, as I'm from Slovakia. In the end, the whole order was successfully delivered with no damage. Delivered tiles are looking very good, just like I expected. I would definitely recommend this e-shop and make a business with them again without a doubt. They are trustworthy and honest company. Thanks Best Regards

Personale disponibile, consegna come da tempistiche concordate e nel mio caso, prezzo conveniente.

Dear Lorena Columbus, Dealing with you has been a delight. I have had a completely positive experience with you from beginning to end. Many thanks for the effort you put into providing me with information through the process. The lovely tiles arrived, safely packed, and thank you too for arranging speedy shipment. I highly recommend the BHC online shop with a wide range of quality stock with sensible prices. I have bought from you with absolute confidence in every respect. Thanks again - You are a friendly and knowledgeable seller. With kindest regards, Annette Holm Jensen

Professionali e concreti. Prezzi buoni, ma occhio alle varianti

Il loro showroom ha prodotti davvero belli e per quanto riguarda la parte eCommerce non ho davvero niente di cui lamentarmi: spiegano bene tutto, non ho minimamente faticato per parlare con qualcuno e infine la merce è arrivata sigillata e senza un graffio. Complimenti!

Contattati per un grosso lavoro di ristrutturazione, non hanno rispettato NIENTE di quanto concordato, al telefono il titolare si è fatto sempre negare, in negozio c'è sempre una signora a fare da filtro, non sono mai richiamato, mai ricevuto una mail di scuse. Mai visto un servizio così schifoso. Ridicoli, chi lavora come oi deve fare una sola cosa, chiudere

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